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This is Giuseppe Prestigiacomo. I am a Sicilian cook, pizza chef and entrepreneur. I have been living and working in London for the past 17 years. During this time, I have been committed to the strenuous search for good quality and genuine flavours. In my restaurants, you will only find dishes which I have personally created: my pizza, my sauces, my recipes.


In June 2010, I developed the idea to create a healthy, natural, highly-digestible pizza dough. I spent a long time handpicking the finest ingredients. My recipe of the pizza dough is created with prestigious Italian and Sicilian flours, a 100% natural mixture of stone-ground new and ancient grains. We use only natural yeasts and the dough is left to leaven for 48 hours. As done in old times, we use special techniques to reduce the quantity of salt and enhance the flavours and scents of the grains.


Our meat is selected from local small suppliers based in Surrey, UK. The animals are raised on diets primarily composed of pasture and natural grains. Our fresh fish is imported weekly from Sicily. In addition, all flours, pasta, dairy products and vegetables are all authentic and genuine ingredients.


Today I am really satisfied with these achievements, but I am also aware how this process has only just begun. I am determined to keep looking for genuine and quality ingredients to offer authentic Italian and Sicilian flavours to our customers. The union between the doughs and the best available ingredients will generate new and unique recipes.

Welcome to Peppe’s world. Welcome to my world of Sicilian recipes.


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